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Methodic Centre of Foreign Languages Learning

Since 1993  Foreign Languages Department of Mari State University has been holding Methodic Centre of Foreign Languages Learning. It has methodical and reference materials in English, French, and German.

The Centre was created with the assistance of two German organizations: Goethe University and Inter Nationales.

At present the Centre has more than 700 items of educational and reference literature; there are also audio and video materials, cultural books, maps, audio recordings, periodical literature is delivered regularly. 

The work of the Centre is carried out in the following directions:

acquisition of methodical literature

providing teaching and learning materials for classwork and individual work of the students. 

work with visitors

Much materials are brought by the teachers after their foreign missions. The gifts of foreign teachers are also kept: books by American professor D. R. Habbard, Japanese teacher T. Tanaki, and professor T. Koyzumi from Osaka University. The Centre received large assistance from A. Arnold, a teacher from Germany, American specialist Hosken,  R. Dernford-Slater, a British teacher of English.

The role of the Centre in providing of research, methodic work, and educational process is very important. The Methodic Centre cooperates with the schools and the universities of the republic. 

The representatives of Goethe University admitted the Centre's work as one of the best in Russia.