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In 1992 the speciality “Electric power supply” was opened at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. In 1996 on its base the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was formed. The first dean was L.M. Rybakov, Honoured Power Engineering Specialist of the Republic of Mari El, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, professor. At first the faculty had only one department - the Department of Electric Mechanics and Electric Energetics, later the Department of Electrical Supply was created.

At the faculty there are more than 20 educational laboratories, rooms for yearly and final projects, a computer class, a training ground (substation 110/35/6 kV, established capacity of the transformer 6.3 MBA).

The faculty trains highly qualified specialists in operating power stations for enterprises of various types. During its existence the full-time and part-time departments of the faculty prepared more than 800 electrical engineers. Graduates of the faculty work successfully in the Republic of Mari El and other regions of the country and abroad.

The sphere of scientific research at the faculty is power engineering and electrical engineering. In carrying out research work the Department of Electrical Supply and Technical Diagnosis and the Department of Electric Mechanics cooperate with many research institutes, higher educational institutions and electric power systems of the Russian Federation.

In the last five years the teachers and students of the faculty have made reports at a number of scientific seminars and conferences, have published more than 200 papers, including three monographs.

The employees and graduates of the faculty have received patents on 9 types of devices for diagnosing energized and deenergized power transformers. In 2005-2010 the devices were shown at the International and All-Russia exhibitions at the exhibition centre in Moscow. The devices were awarded gold and silver medals, a gold diploma and diplomas of various degrees.