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The modern Faculty of History and Philology as a structural unit of the university was founded on September 1, 2012 on the basis of two faculties: the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Philology and Journalism.

Today there are 6 departments at the faculty: the Department of World History, the Department of Russian History, the Department of Regional History, the Department of Russian and General Linguistics, the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature, the Department of Journalism.

The faculty has three laboratories: a Mass-media laboratory, a laboratory of analytical philology, a laboratory of gender research.

The departments of the faculty maintain close contacts with establishments of education, science and culture: Scientists of the faculty publish textbooks and manuals for schools in the history of the Republic of Mari El, in methods of teaching the humanities. Since 1991 the scientific and practical year-book "The Mari archeographical bulletin" has been published.

Extensive research work is conducted at the faculty. In terms of the amount of research work the Faculty of History and Philology occupies one of the leading places at the university. The main area of research is "Historical and Cultural Development of the People of Russia and Foreign Countries". The faculty offers a post-graduate course in history.

On the basis of the faculty All-Russia, regional and interuniversity scientific conferences are held. Every month there are meetings of the "Logos" club devoted to the discussion of such subjects as literature, history, religion and philosophy.

The students of the faculty take an active part in amateur performances and sports activities, organize and hold meetings of the "Votochnaya Piatnitsa" and "Chronos" historical clubs. Since 2000 historical and philological games have been regularly held in the "Olympian" sports сamp on the shore of the picturesque lake Yalchik .