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Address: Yoshkar-Ola, Kremlevskaya st., 44, Room 337  

Tel.: (8362) 45-58-19


The Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology was formed in 1979, when the Department of Pre-school Education was opened at the Faculty of Pedagogics and Methods of Primary School Education. Two years later it became the Faculty of Preschool Education.

In 2000 it was named the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of Childhood and two years later - the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology. In 2014 it became the Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology.

There are six departments at the institute: the Department of Pre-school and Social Pedagogics; the Department of Educational Psychology; the Department of Special Pedagogics and Psychology; the Department of General and Applied Psychology; the Department of Pedagogics and Educational Systems; the Department of the Theory and Methodology of Technology and Professional Education.

Students of the faculty actively participate in Federal and All-Russia programs "Children of Russia", "Disabled Children of Russia", the international program "Big Brothers / Big Sisters", "Gifted children". Students are members of the All-Russia public organization "Social Initiatives of Children and Youth". Students who excel in studies and social activities receive scholarships of the Russian President, the President of the Republic of Mari El, of the University Academic Council. Graduates work at the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Social Protection and Work, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other institutions.