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The Faculty of Foreign Languages which is preparing specialists and bachelors in the field of English, German and French philology, has a rich history from the moment of its formation as an independent structural unit of the Krupskaya Mari State Teacher Training Institute in 1952.

During the 59 years of its existence the faculty has prepared more than 3,500 specialists in foreign languages. Graduates of the faculty work at schools and higher educational institutions of the Republic of Mari El, in the leading institutions of higher education in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in France, Germany, England, the USA. 52 graduates are Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. The faculty is proud of Galina Shvetsova, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Mari El; Galina Shiryaeva, Deputy Minister of Culture, Press and Affairs of Nationatilities; Zoya Zorina, professor of Mari State University; Lyudmila Ilyushechkina (Kastler), professor of the University of Grenoble (France); Natalya Glukhova, professor of Mari State University and other graduates.

Among the graduates of the faculty there are many school teachers working in the schools of the republic who have been awarded high titles: Excellent Workers of Education,Teachers of the Highest Category, winners of the "The Teacher of the Year" republican competition.

The faculty used to prepare teachers in the following specialities:

* English and French (teacher of English and French)

* English and German (teacher of English and German)

* German and English (teacher of German and English)

* French and English (teacher of French and English).

This year the faculty starts giving a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogical education in the following subject areas: Foreign languages (English and German); Foreign languages (English and French); Foreign languages (German and English); Foreign languages (French and English).