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The Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism was opened in 1971. Since 1994 the permanent dean of faculty has been M. M. Polevshchikov, Candidate of Pedagogics, Professor, Honoured worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation. As a structural unit of the Teacher Training Institute the faculty trained about 1200 teachers of physical education.

There are three departments at the faculty: the Department of Sport Disciplines. the Department of the Theoretical Bases of Physical Education, the Department of Medical and Biological Disciplines and Life Safety. The faculty has specially equipped study rooms and laboratories of biochemistry, theory and methodology of physical training, anatomy and physiology, health and life safety and basic medical training. There are a lot of sports facilities for students: gyms for sport games, gymnastics, aerobics; a skiing centre; the "Olympian" sports сamp. Long-term contracts for students’ practical training have been signed with the Republican state institution "Mari Service of Rescue and Ecological Work", with the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, with the Administration of the city district "The City of Yoshkar-Ola", with the "Yastreb" special purpose department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Republic of Mari El and with other power structures. Students like to cooperate with representatives of these organizations, learn to keep the fighting spirit. Both teachers and students participate in the development of projects on the theory and methods of physical education.

The syllabuses provide for training highly qualified specialists in the field of physical education and sport, health and life safety and teachers for schools, technical schools, universities, power structures, state and private tourist and sport establishments and health centres.

Many students get a lot of useful training and competitive experience, they are members of the national teams of the republic in different kinds of sport. The most popular sports are basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, polyathlon, sports orientation, cross-country skiing, combat sports, track and field athletics, skiing.

The faculty is proud of its graduates: V. Isaev, world class master of sports, world champion among students in cross-country skiing, world champion N. Selyunina-Rochev, Masters of Sports N. Smolentsev, S. Podoplelov, A. Sherstnev and others. There are about 150 Masters of Sports among graduates of the faculty. Four graduates are Candidates of Sciences.