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Address:424002,Yoshkar-Ola, Kremlyovskaya st., 44, Room 112



The Faculty of Technology and Professional Studies is a structural subdivision of State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training "Mari State University". The Faculty prepares specialists of two specialities: "050501.65 Apprenticeship" and "050502.65 Technology and Management", both full-time and part-time modes of study are available.

urriculum includes disciplines of humane, social and economic, general mathematical and natural-science, and general professional cycles, and the cycle of subject-specific preparation which includes students' study of applied mechanics, the basics of machine science, information technology, the basics of business, technological disciplines, decorative and applied arts, and other disciplines.

The Faculty possesses well equipped classrooms and laboratories, a training workshop. The Faculty has lorries and cars, a tractor. During the period of education the students acquire driving licenses of B and C categories, a tractor operator license, classes of carpenter, mechanic, sewer, tailor.

The Faculty has two departments:Applied Mechanics, Machine Science and Technology Department and Theory and Methods of Technology and Professional Studies Department.

Students' life is not limited only to study. They actively take part in both university and school cultural and sport events: "Voice of Youth", "Students' Spring", "Club of the Funny and Inventive", and sports contests. The Faculty has hobby groups for those interested in woodcarving, computer graphics, embroidery, relief work, macrame, etc.

The Faculty systematically holds student scientific conferences, contests for student scientific works. Fr om the first year in the Faculty teachers try to engage students in research work offering various themes for essays, term papers, diploma papers or interactive work.

Theoretical knowledge obtained by the students in the Faculty is further consolidated during the process of practical training at schools,educational institutions of higher professional training, production enterprises, and commercial structures.

One of the aims of the Faculty is the creation of the atmosphere which encourages students to find spheres wh ere they can use their creative technological potential, the atmosphere of labor and beauty.