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Linguistic Quest for Foreign Students


Linguistic Quest for Foreign Students

On April 6th on the eve of the Russian Language and Literature Week a linguistic quest was held at the Mari State University. The quest’s participants were first-year students of the Faculty of Medicine from India. Significant support in the organization and conduct of the quest was provided by students of the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology, as volunteers mentors.

The main purpose of the event is to test the basic knowledge of the Russian language connected with the acquaintance of participants with Russian culture and its traditions. Students successfully coped with the tasks: they sang songs and solved riddles, described fairy tale characters, and showed knowledge of Russian cuisine and folk dances.

After the end of the game in the co-working center, the results were summed up and the winners who received first, second and third degrees were awarded. All participants in the quest also received certificates and souvenirs from MarSU.